Top 3 Ski Resorts For Families

When booking a family ski holiday you need to think about the childcare and accommodation needs for your family, and it goes without saying that some resorts are more family-friendly than others. Skiing can bring a lot of enjoyment for all the family and provide unforgettable memories for everyone whether you choose to ski, sledge or simply play in the snow.

Choosing a resort with a good range of off-piste activities such as husky rides, sports centers, swimming, ice skating and snowmobiling will ensure your children are entertained all day.

Finding the best family-friendly resorts can be time-consuming, so to make it easier for you, I have already compiled a list of our top three resorts for families and have provided advice on the childcare and ski schools available.

Killington, USA

Killington is the largest resort on the east coast of America and stretches across six mountains. It is a fantastic resort for families with plenty of off-piste activities to keep everyone entertained, such as sleigh rides and rock climbing.

Every Thursday there is a family fun slalom which frequently sees children humiliating their parents as they beat them to the end.  There are childcare and ski school options for children aged from 12 weeks to 18 years in Killingtonn.

Friendly Penguin Day Care provides indoor and outdoor activities for babies from 12 weeks right up to children aged 12. Children aged 4 -7 can go to Mini-stars slide and play which is a max 5 program, guaranteeing a maximum of five children per instructor. One up from Mini-stars is Superstars which caters for children aged 7 – 12 and provides both skiing and snowboarding lessons. While snow zone, a unique program for teens, offers ski and snowboard lessons for all abilities.

La Plagne, France

The ski schools in this resort have an excellent reputation with the snow garden being a fantastic place for children to make their first steps on skis. There are a number of off-piste activities such as husky rides and snowmobiling to entertain children and great childcare facilities for younger children.

A company called Safehands runs a private nanny service which is available in all La Plagne villages while the childcare and ski schools vary slightly depending on which La Plagne village you are staying in.

In all the villages apart from Belle Plagne there is a non-ski crèche for children aged 2 – 6, there are also two ski kindergartens which offer lessons for 3 -5-year-olds and 4 – 5-year-olds. Another ski school caters for children aged 3 – 12 and there is a snowboard school for children aged 13+.

In Belle Plagne, there is babycare for babies aged 18 months – 23 months as well as an indoor and outdoor crèche for 2 – 3-year-olds. Hotel Mercure offers children aged 4 – 11 the choice of two non-ski clubs while there is ski kindergarten for children aged 3 – 6 years old and a ski school for those aged 3 – 13 years. For children who want to try their hand at snowboarding, there is a snowboard school for children aged 8 – 13.

Yllas, Finland

Yllas offers a unique family ski holiday with plenty of activities to keep all the family entertained such as husky, reindeer or Icelandic pony rides or for the more adventurous there are snowmobile safaris, snowshoe hiking, and kick-sledding.

A trip to Lapland would not be complete without a family trip to Santa’s Grotto and if you time it right you can be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Northern Lights. Babies from 3 months – 23 months can be looked after by Sports Resort Yllas who also provide a non-ski crèche for children aged 2 – 12, both are located at the base of the main slopes.

For children who do want to learn to ski, the ski school provides lessons for children aged 4 and above. Yllas boasts a generous amount of gentle slopes which make this Lapland resort a perfect destination for beginners and intermediates who are trying to find their feet at skiing or snowboarding.

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