This Is The Blog Post I’ve Wanted To Make For A Long Time

Friday in work was just like any other day. Big delivery came in, we worked it and I did the money and paperwork. Boys were in a mood with each other and no matter how hard I tried to get them to cheer up they still were bitching at each other most of the day.

I’m slowly getting used to this, if they’re working a shift together they bounce off each other and create an atmosphere. It’s annoying, but usually by being fun and a bit silly I can manage to bring them back to normality.

The highlight of my day was a visit from my area manager. Usually, he doesn’t come into the store when the manager’s off. He doesn’t have a need to speak to supervisors, he deals with the managers most of the time.

Turns out he was in the store to speak to me specifically. Office door closed stuff. That always worries me, I thought perhaps I’d made a mistake and failed a test purchase, maybe something else serious?

How wrong could I have been? He was there to promote me to a manager of a store in my town. A store that’s a mile away from my house (currently I’m traveling nearly 8 miles to work, via two buses and leave the house at 6 am).

This is exactly what I’ve been working towards for the past 18 months. I’ve never been so excited in my life. I’m also scared to the bones because it’s a big step up for me. I’ve been a supervisor for just over 2 years with this company, and have only worked for them 2 and a half.

Most of that time has been spent on the Management Training Program (MTP), learning everything that you’d ever need to know about running your own store. I’ve worked with some fantastic managers, who’ve taught me loads more than the course offered. And now? I’m doing it for myself.

I move from my current shop to my own shop a week on Monday. I’m leaving a shop that I didn’t want to move to in the first place and I’m actually quite sad at that thought. The manager is fantastic, he’s worked for the company longer than I’ve been alive in fact. The staff is, generally, really helpful and great at their jobs. And less than six months after joining the team, I’m walking into the unknown again. But as the saying goes…Stupid is as stupid goes…

The thought of it is actually filling me with dread. But at the same time, I’m excited. I know the shop quite well, have worked in it before even though it was just covering for people. I don’t know any of the staff, know plenty of the customers and also know that it’s a very profitable store.

That means that any mistakes that I (hopefully don’t) make will be noticed straight away. I have a plan in my head already, things that I want to change the minute I walk through the door. If I can manage to make an extra £50 of sales each and every day, then that will equate to the store’s sales increasing by nearly £20,000 a year (or, 1.75%). That sounds really simple, doesn’t it? It’s just an extra 10 packets of cigarettes a day. I know it won’t be that easily done though…

My mind is absolutely spinning. I went for a walk to the shop on Friday night, about 7 pm to have a wee look about. Spying, if you will. I more wanted to see if I’d be asked to produce ID when I bought cigarettes.

Luckily, I was. That made me happy. What didn’t was gaps in the shelves, realizing just how small the shop really is and the dramatic difference in size from the store I’ve just gotten settled into. My new shop is about a third of the size of the one I work for now. So that’ll be a challenge to get used it, I suppose.

Anyway, that’s my amazing news. I’m going to get drunk to celebrate. Even though I’m not a big drinker. This occasion deserves to be marked in style.


This morning I woke up with my stomach full of dread, excitement, and nerves. Where the nerves came from, I don’t know. I was fine last night, but I couldn’t shake the butterflies in my stomach this morning. Still, at 10.30 am I was standing outside the shop waiting for my area manager turning up to take me into the store and meet the staff.

It went rather well, I thought. Just a few minutes after I’d got there an order turned up so once I’d help them bring that in, I had a chat with my area manager and the manager who’s leaving (well, left now). He was with me all day, going over sales and the rota (which is the most complicated thing I’ve ever set eyes on), any problems in the store and all that jazz.

My head is buzzing with all this information. There are already things that I need to change, I can see that already. I’ve been told that nobody seems to take to change very well, so that will certainly be interesting.

A few things jumped at me once I started looking around the shop and learning things, things that I can’t wait to change. It’s not going to go down well but screw it. I’m there to increase the sales and that’s all I’m interested in.

And in the non-work news? I need to book myself a holiday. I’ve already bought tickets for T In The Park (and in the process practically bankrupt myself this month) but I can’t wait to get away somewhere warm, sunny and away from Glasgow for a week or two. Plus I want to get myself back to Blackpool for the weekend. I love that town, and the Pleasure Beach is amazingly good fun.

Obviously, I don’t want to spend too much money on the holiday because I’ll be paying for both me and the boy to go away. I like treating him like that. I’ve been checking out all-inclusive deals and offers for free hotel rooms in selected resorts across Spain, Italy (Rome in particular), and France. Even although I know the boy won’t go to France in a million years, but I adore Paris and Cannes. And hey, if I’m paying he’ll be happy with what he gets!!