About me

I’m Andie, the girl behind this blog. On October 1, 2017, I turned 33. Here’s a quick bio.

My fiancé and I own love traveling we are also in business together (we own a bar) and I cannot tell you enough how much I love being in business for ourselves.

All the stress that comes along with running a business is completely worth it because my staff is so bad ass, I love getting to use my creativity to develop new items and keep our craft beer selection fresh, and it feels good knowing as long as we keep striving for excellence, we never have to worry about having a job.

Speaking of my fiancé, we have been engaged for 4+ years. Though neither of us has any aversions to getting married, it just hasn’t been something we are in a rush to do. Neither one of us is going anywhere, and we are cut from the same cloth, so as of now, we are just enjoying our lives together.

Being active plays a huge role in my life. Trail running, powerlifting, yoga, mountain biking, cross-country skiing – pretty much you name it – are the things that keep me sane. It took me a long time to find a balance between living in the gym and instead doing something active that I love every day, but now that I’m there, I am at my most confident and peaceful.

I have to be honest… I never thought I would consider traveling as a hobby, and I would never have seen myself even traveling across the country, let alone committing to traveling abroad.

Still, since I got bit by that bug, I just can’t get enough of all things running. I may not be leading the pack, but traveling makes me feel strong and confident, and I know with dedication I can only get better.